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Thermal Imaging

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Thermography is the use of infrared camera to detect and measure an object's emitted energy. Since nearly everything gets hot before it fails, the use of an infrared camera makes this process an extremely cost-effective and valuable diagnostic tool in many diverse applications.

Infrared roof moisture surveys pinpoint wet insulation in flat roof systems and can save you thousands of dollars on roof repair and replacement costs. Prevent mold risks, roof damage and leaks, and slash energy costs with an infrared roof scan.

Infrared mechanical scans rapidly detect developing problems in all types of rotating equipment. Avoid catastrophic equipment failures, reduce downtime, increase profits and boost maintenance productivity

Infrared electrical scans quickly and accurately pinpoint hot spots in electrical systems. Reduce your maintenance time and increase profits while reducing unscheduled outages and losses. Cut electricity costs and boost energy efficiency.

Our FLIR T200 thermal imager Infrared Scanner makes it easy to see temperature differences and radiation emitted from objects, conditions that signal energy waste, building envelope troubles, even electrical system and component failures! K & S certified thermographers will be able to pinpoint and prioritize problem areas using our infrared camera and produce a detailed report based on the findings.