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Building Management Systems

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Building Management Systems require constant monitoring and adjustment to be effective. K & S Ventures, Inc. has the staff and resources to maximize your building's energy management system.

Our staff can adjust system run times to provide our customers with the proper working environment for their facility. At the same time, we can reduce some equipment run times by as much as 57% with no impact to customer comfort.

With our Building Management Server and your internet capabilities, we can monitor your facility and collect and store data such as zone temperatures and electrical meter data. This allows our staff to see how your facilities are running and to troubleshoot many issues before a service technician is dispatched.

The Building Management Server allows us to divide buildings into smaller zones and run only the equipment that is needed for a particular area. It also allows us to login, adjust schedules and set temperature points remotely, providing you with greater service.  For your total protection, K & S Ventures, Inc. maintains a facility backup and disaster plan in the event of a system failure.

Our Building Management Server allows us the technology to push your building management system into the future.