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Preventive Maintenance

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K & S Ventures, Inc. will evaluate existing equipment and building needs.  We will then customize a program that will maximize the life span of your equipment and reduce long term operational costs and expenses.

A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe, productive environment. Benefits of a customized Preventive Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Fewer service calls
  • Extended life expectancy of equipment
  • Increased efficiency and performance of systems controls
  • Less interruption for occupants of the facility
  • 24-hour access to our services
  • Routine annual, quarterly or monthly inspections as agreed
  • Daily pool checks
  • Ability to budget more effectively

It all adds up to more efficient, effective and reliable service to maintain your HVAC systems and buildings.
Preventative Maintenance is not an OPTION
It's a MUST for efficiency and long-term savings.