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Lighting Upgrades Relamping & Retrofits

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K & S Ventures, Inc. is your source for quality lighting service.  We service all of your exterior and interior lighting applications, whatever the size may be.  Our goal is to achieve maximum energy conservation without any noticeable change in the way you do business. Energy efficient lighting will save you money on your monthly energy bills. We offer repairs, relamps, new installations, retrofits and upgrades for all types of lighting and any size business.

High Intensity Lighting: High Bay Light Fixtures are ideal for general purpose lighting in areas such as warehouse facilities, assembly areas, gyms, hangars, transportation garages, loading and staging areas. Suitable for indoor applications where ceiling height exceeds 15 feet.

Upgrades and  Retrofits: For maximum energy efficiency, let us relamp, retrofit or upgrade your lighting.  Typically the return on investment is less than two years and currently there are several tax credits available for businesses that convert to energy-efficient lighting, making the ROI even quicker.

Emergency and Exit Lighting: We carry a complete line of Emergency and Exit lighting and can repair, replace or install at your site. We also carry the new LED Exit signs that use 75% less energy and pay for themselves within a years time.