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Moisture & Restoration

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The presence of moisture in building envelopes, either from leakage or condensation, can have serious consequences.  With infrared images, water damage is easily detected.

Whether you need to restore property from moisture, mold, or fire damage, having comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips is what we do.  K & S Ventures, Inc. will get your insurance company the information they need fast to start claims work. We will get you the information you need so you can get your property restored.  

Problem Identification
From start to finish, our infrared cameras can help us determine your restoration and remediation issues right from the start.

K & S Ventures, Inc. can quickly scan large areas to assess what is restorable. We can pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture beneath the surface, and document dryness with accuracy and confidence.

K & S can program automatic dew-point and humidity alarms into your site surveys.  Our state of the art software easily converts our survey reports and images to PDF format for trouble-free emailing.